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The information on accomplishment of the Complex program of preparation for celebrating the 300-th anniversary of Petrozavodsk

Realization of the arrangements included in the Calendar of celebratory events for February and March, 2003.

Realization of these arrangements goes according to the authorized Calendar. On February 28 on the Day of Kalevala the International cultural marathon Kalevalskaya mozaika has started. The marathon final will be held on April 9, the birthday of Kalevala author Elias Lennrot.

The tour of the The State Youth Theater of the Republic of Karelia "Trade Master" to Saint Petersburg also dated forthe anniversary was completed. In the variety theatre 9 performances were shown, including "Widow Steamship", "Three sisters", "Princesses", "Secret of the Russian Chamembert, lost for ever, for ever", "Pyjamas for Six", "Colonel the Bird" etc.

The work of the IIIrd Northern Muses Republican Academy of Arts (music, choreography, and fine arts branches) in which more than 70 children have taken part has been finished on March 28. Teachers from Petrozavodsk and Saint Petersburg trained them and have noted high level of the organization of work of the Academy, great interest in increase of professional level on the part of children and teachers and dynamics of professional development of children trained in the Academy.

Also within the framework of celebrating the anniversary of Petrozavodsk republican competition of young performers playing natiional instruments "Your hopes, Peter's city" was held.

Preparation for realization of the international projects planned for June 2003:

The Train of culture Project:

  • work on reception of means from the federal budget under the program "Culture of Russia" is conducted;
  • creative programs from participants of the project are authorized;
  • the problem on passing of the train on the branch from Ledmozero to Kochkoma (the coordination is received in the FederalState Unitary Enterprise of Oktyabrskaya Railway of the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation) is solved;
  • the Contract of rent of the train is signed;
  • work on registration of exit documents for the service brigade is conducted.

A number of meetings on which financial and organizational aspects will be discussed is planned for April. One of such meetings will be held in Joensuu.

International folk music festival Kantele:

Deadline for submission of application forms for participation in the festival has expired. For today creative collectives from Finland, Italy, Hanty-Mansiisky autonomous region, Tatarstan, Mariy-El, Udmurtiya, Komi, cities of Vologda, Ivanovo have stated their desire to participate in the festival. Districts of Karelia will be presented traditionally. This project as well as The Train of culture is maintained by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

International craft festival:

The given action is carried out according to the plan. At the request of districts of the republic application deadline is prolonged till April, 15. 90 applications arrived from other territories.

As well as in case with Kantelefestival on results of submission of applications viewing of materials and selection of the most worthy applicants for participation in these actions will begin.

International festival Kalakunda:

The project of the Program is formed, the number of participants is specified, advertising - polygraphic production is being prepared. Today creative collectives from Scotland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Tatarstan, Adygea, Saint Petersburg, Smolensk, Vologda have confirmed their desire to participate in the festival.

Monument To the Soldiers, Partisans and Underground Workers of Karelia 1941-1944:

Work is accomplished according to the schedule. Works on creation of the full-scale model of the monument of soft material are completed and further works on relief of the composition of the monument will be continued.

Souvenir production with anniversary symbolics:

According to the decision of republican Organizing committee the competition declared by the Ministry of Culture and the Karelian centre of national creativity was prolonged till February 15. As a whole the competitive commission has recognized the level of submitted souvenir production as satisfactory. Works that can be used as souvenirs are selected. Now the work on gift fund formation is under execution.

The program of anniversary publications:

A.M.Spiridonov's and A.M.Zhulnikov's book Petrozavodsk Antiquity is included in the program of anniversary publications. The manuscript is ready for submission in the publishing house.

Deputy Minister of Kulture of the RK
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