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Brief economic-geographic information

The Republic of Karelia is located in the North-West of Russia, it is included in the Northern economic region of Russian Federation.

The area of Karelia is - 180,5 thousand square km (1,06% of the total territory of Russia). Its length from north to south is 660 km, from west to east on the latitude of the town Kem is 424 km. Karelia borders on Finland in the West, on Leningrad district in the South, on Murmansk and Archangelsk district in the East. In the North-West the Republic is washed by the White sea. The northern border line of Karelia coincides with the state border RF and its length is 723 km.

The population of the Republic of Karelia was 766,4 thousand on 01.01.2000. Urban population is 74,1% (567,9 thousand), rural is 25,9% (198,5 thousand). About 40% of the population live in the capital of Karelia, the city of Petrozavodsk. The density of the population is 4,2 on a square km.


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