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02.04.2000 - SeverInform Reports:

Workshop of Musicologists, Art and Literary critics

PETROZAVODSK, March 31. /SeverInform/. The workshop held in Petrozavodsk conservatoire united musicologists, art and literary critics come from Moscow, St.Petersburg, Pskov, Nizhny Novgorod, Vologda and from Germany. The unusual membership of participants was caused by thr theme of the meeting - synthethis of arts in the works of literature, paintings, music and cinema.The subjects of research of the scolars are Grig, Sibelius, Stravinsky, Leskov, Tolstoy, Platonov and others.

Professor of Prinston University Steven KotkinVisited Petrozavodsk State University.

PETROZAVODSK, March 28. /SeverInform/. Professor of Prinston university visited Steven Kotkin Petrozavodsk state university

The goal of his visit was to evaluate handling one of three pilot projects on the Program of support of chairs of arts within the framework of Megaproject "Education development in Russia".

In the course of the visit meetings with the rector of PetrSU, the member of International board of Megaproject "Education development in Russia"of the Institute "Open Society" V. Vasilyev, director of Internet center N.Ruzanovaand the head of chair of prerevolutionary Russia A.Kozhanov were held.

The results of research and pedagogical chair activities in 1999 and perspectives of cooperation devlopment were discussed.

Special attention was given to the issues of staff training, pedagogy of the academic process including publishing projects.

One of the issues Mr. Kotkin was interested in was the ability of the staff to deliver lectures in English during foreign university exchange.

A New Stage of Russian-American Program "Business for Russia"is being Carried out in the Republic of Karelia.

PETROZAVODSK, March 28. /SeverInform/. A new stage of Russian-American Program "Business for Russia"is being carried out in the Republic of Karelia. It has been stated at the breifing in the Goverment of the republic today.

The Program envisions Russian businessmen free 5-week training in the USA. The Program has been functioning since 1994, during this time about 2,5 thousand businessmen participated in it, including 48 businessmen from the Republic of Karelia.

The leaders of the Program were satisfied by the activities of Karelian entrepreneurs, and that`s why it was decided to invite 30 republican businessmen to the USA again. The terms are: good knowledge of the English language and business of their own.


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