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A unique book about the Finnish secret service is published in Petrozavodsk

PETROZAVODSK, October 13. INTERFAX NORTHWEST - A unique research Finnish Intelligence Against Soviet Russia is issued in Petrozavodsk, the edition has made 500 copies.

The book was prepared by the Karelian historians Sergey Verigin and Einar Laidinen in the co-authorship, and this work has taken 10 years.

As S.Verigin has informed INTERFAX, "Nothing of the kind has ever been published in our country regarding activity of the Finnish intelligence, and the Finnish historiography did not accomplish any particular research."

"The fact is that during the work on the book some documents that had not been accessible earlier were removed from the secret list of FSB, - the scientist has explained. - We received documents which scientific value is just incredible. For example, there were documents of the Finnish intelligence, which Finns had no time to save from the city of Sortavala in the beginning of the Winter war of 1939-1940."

As authors of the book have found out, "The Finnish intelligence created in the beginning of the 20th century was unique even for that time. Certainly it cannot be compared in any way to the work of the Soviet intelligence bodies, but the Finnish secret service men faced more local problems, and basically they worked on the territory of Murmansk and Leningrad regions and Karelia."

In fact, the Soviet secret-service network in Finland was revealed in the middle 30s, but "there also hd been evident exposures," S.Verigin noted.

For example, in November of 1939 about five days before the USSR attacked Finland the Finnish intelligence officers informed the Soviets were not ready to begin the war, though at that time dimensioned regrouping of the Soviet armies could be observed by the Finnish border. "However world powers valued, Finnish experience, whioch was actually Russian. The chief of the General Staff of Finland Oscar Enkele, who before the revolution was the second person in Russian empire secret service, came home to Finland after 1917 and later helped Italians to create their secret-service intelligence network," - the scientist noted. ученый.

Also, he considers that "it is necessary to admit, that secret-service work of Finns in the Soviet Karelia has increased the number of victims of our reprisals. When the Soviet state security found out, that somewhere there were Finnish spies, arrests started and ordinary innocent people became victims."

"This book contains many ridiculous facts. For instance, we have proved it by documents, that in the 90s during rehabilitation of victims of Stalin mass reprisals a real pre-war Finnish spy Ivan Romanov was rehabilitated, though he has been the chief of the concentration camp in Karelia occupied by the Finnish army during the World War II," S.Verigin has told.

As he said, this book published is a scientific research intended for teachers, post-graduate and undergraduate students. "However, as it seems to us, it will be also interesting to people fond of history as it is a new sight on our recent past," S.Verigin declared.

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