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Vepsian poet was given a literary award in Sweden

NA REGNUM. "The gold of the sun casted on Vepsian land" were called in Sweden verses of Karelian poet Nikolay Abramov who this year was given a literary award of the famous Scandinavian writer and public figure Bengt Pohjanen. The premium delivery took place in the cultural center of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region located in the vicinities of the small Swedish town of Overkaliksa.

"I am happy, that the premium founders have noticed Vepsian literature which even in Karelia is referred to rather skeptically. For a long time Vepsians had no their own written language, but it does not mean, that we did not have poetry. I believe, that our people though few in number is capable to create great literature," - Nikolay Abramov declared to the NA REGNUM correspondent upon returning from Sweden. The poet from Karelia has already published three collections of verses in Vepsian and Russian languages. Wielding two languages has allowed Nikolay Abramo to translate into Vepsian such world classics, as Omar Hayiam, Rabindranat Tagore, William Shakespeare, Paul Verlen, Alexander Pushkin, Sergey Yesenin and Vladimir Vysotsky.

It is remarkable, that together with the Vepsian poet the young singer from Petrozavodsk Anna Vasilieva went to Sweden and conquered local public by singing the famous Beatles' Yesterday in Vepsian language.

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