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Decision of creating uniform Karelian alphabet is made

Session of working group on development of the regional program Development of Karelian Language in the Republic of Karelia in 2007-2032 took place in the Ministry of the Republic of Karelia on National Politics and Relations with Religious Associations. Decision of creating uniform Karelian alphabet was made at the session.

In the beginning of 1990s Lyudmila Markianova and Peter Zajkov have made the first alphabets, abc-books and textbooks in Karelian language. Teaching Karelian in two dialects - Livvik and Karelian - started in schools and institutes of higher education of the republic. These two dialects are used for newspapers publications, tele- and broadcasting.

Recently necessity of creation of uniform literary Karelian language became obvious. Participants of the session discussed possible changes of nowadays existing alphabets of both dialects of Karelian language. During discussion experts came to the conclusion on necessity and possibility of creating uniform Karelian language alphabet, having coordinated some changes in way of writing letters of both alphabets. This decision has shown readiness of indigenous people of the republic for unification in aspiration to create their uniform literary language.

At the session there were heads of the Ministry, experts of terminology and spelling commission, teachers of institutes of higher education, representatives of printing and electronic mass-media, teachers of E.Lönnrot Finno-Ugric school.

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