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Vepsian band "Noid" to take part in the minority language song contest

Songcontest Liet International has completed the line-up for its eigth edition in the Italian city of Udine. In Friûl, in the northeast of Italy, Liet International will last four days from Thursday the 17th until Sunday the 20th of November. Everybody know songcontest "Eurovision", though everyone has different attitude towards it. However, little know that it is not the only competition observable. Many countries of Europe have similar competitions of musicians from different countries. One of them is "Liet International" where representatives of different nationalities who sing in a minority language perform, a kind of "Eurovision" for indigenous peoples. The main aim of "Liet International" is to promote distribution of songs in minority languages in modern arrangement and popularization of their languages.

The activities start on the 17th of November in the Kulturni Dom in the border town of Gorizia, where singer songwriter Jana Eijer from Friesland and the bands Rolffa (Sámi) and Macanta (Scotland) will play at the first Waiting for Liet evening. In Italy Liet International enjoys the support of the provinces of Udine, Gorizia en Pordenone. Every province will have a concert with some of the participants of Liet International. The main event of course remains Liet International itself on Saturday the 19th of November in Teatro Giovanni da Udine.

The line-up is a combination of bands who qualified by winning in a songcontest in their own country and bands which were selected by an international and independent selecting committee. This year Liet International will feature twelve finalists, one more than last year. Five of them were chosen by direct vote out of regional competitions. This year the international independent selecting committee has reviewed more than 40 records in more than 20 languages ans selected 5 groups, including the group "Noid" from Karelia.

"Noid" is a musical band from Petrozavodsk town (Karelia, Russia) composing, arranging and performing songs in Veps language. "Noid" is a very ancient word and can be translated from Vepsian as "a sorceress/sorcerer, a witch/wizard". People believed that a noid had magical ability to help or harm them. As a rule, every Vepsian village had it's own noid. The group's music includes both traditional songs arranged in a modern style and authors' songs. In every song there are elements of traditional Vepsian musical culture.

The selecting committee this year consists of musicians and musical experts from Asturias (Spain), Friûl (Italy) and Fryslân (Netherlands). The jury also includes representatives of Russia. This year the level and musical variety of participants is extremely high. It was the first time that the jury selected two finalists from the Russian Federation. The second finalist from Russia is the group "Silent Woo Goore" (Udmurt republic, Russia).


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