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New Generation Fighter Aircrafts Su-35 Were Added to Karelian Air Regiment

Today 4 latest multi-purpose fighter aircrafts Su-35 arrived at the base aerodrome in Karelia. The ultra-modern aircrafts will be mastered by the 159th Guards Fighter Aircraft Regiment stationed at the Besovets air base.

The wing of multi-purpose 4++ generation fighter aircrafts, which had previously become operational in the Western Military District, flew from the manufacturing plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur to the Besovets aerodrome in Petrozavodsk. The crews flew along the route exceeding 8 thousand kilometers, refueling three times on the way at operational airfields of the Central and Eastern Military Districts.

The pilots were ceremoniously met at the aerodrome in Petrozavodsk by the Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilaynen, the Air Division Commander Major General Vitaly Shkolenko as well as officers and men of the fighter aircraft regiment.

Greeting the officers Alexander Khudilaynen mentioned that the event taking place on that day was significant for the Republic.

"The glorified 159th fighter aircraft regiment received the first latest fighter aircrafts Su-35. The updating and rearmament program for the Air Force of Russia, presented by the President of Russia, is now being implemented in Karelia as well. I am sure that the active service officers will master the new aircrafts within the shortest possible time, and guarding the borders of our Motherland will be in the hands of reliable people", Alexander Khudilaynen said.

According to the old Russian tradition pilots were met on the airfield with bread and salt. After the fighter aircrafts were taken to the aircraft parking places, the dedication service took place.

Su-35 is a principally new aircraft, updated, super-maneuverable, multi-functional 4++ generation fighter aircraft. The fifth generation technologies are used in it providing supremacy over fighter aircrafts of the similar class. In contrast to its predecessors, the aircraft got a new wing, new control system, new increased-thrust engine with swivel thrust-vector, new radio location station with phased antenna array with bigger air targets' detection range and increased number of targets accompanied and fired at simultaneously.

One of the pilots said that the flight was difficult because of unfavorable winter weather conditions but the aircrafts did not fail in the process of their ferrying. At the moment there are no Su-35 analogues among the aircrafts all over the world.

In the nearest future, the aircraft crews will start training flights and go on combat duty protecting the air borders of the North-West of Russia.

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