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News of the Republic of Karelia


  April, 28Sergey Katanandov: Karelia is ready to receive the Bronze Soldier Фотоматериалы
  April, 27Timber merchants summed up their work
International conference on power engineering and municipal infrastructure development has come to the end in Petrozavodsk Фотоматериалы
  April, 25Government of Karelia approved Concept of the branch target program of Trout-Breeding Development till 2010
On April, 22 Olonets welcomed the third competition of amateur composers, musicians and singers in Karelian, Vepsian and Finnish languages
  April, 24Vanda Patenko is appointed Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Karelia
Within a week Norwegian delegation and representatives of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Karelia will discuss projects of social work with families and children
  April, 19'Petrozavodskmash Corp. is finishing the biggest order for all the history of the enterprise
Karelian machine engineers negotiated cooperation with famous German company
New electronic catalogue of cultural heritage monuments is presented in Karelia
  April, 17Government of Karelia approved uniform Karelian language alphabet Фотоматериалы
From April, 16 to April, 19 Karelian Culture School offers classic and modern choreography master-classes for students from Karelia and Finland
Government of Karelia is interested to keep international status of Petrozavodsk airport
  April, 16Results of implementation of the first stage of NORTH WAY project will be brought at the seminar in the Ministry of Construction of the republic
Kizhi open-air museum presents joint international exhibition project within the framework of Neighbourliness program Фотоматериалы
  April, 12The New Testament in Vepsian language is published in Karelia
  April, 11Assistant Prime Minister of the Government of Karelia promoted to Moscow
  April, 10Inter-regional seminar on harmonization of national and confessional relations and preventive maintenance of interethnic and interreligious conflicts passed in Karelia
  April, 9Both from logging sites, and from space Karelian wood is better, than the neighbours Фотоматериалы
Results of visit of the delegation of Estonian Embassy in Moscow and Consulate General of Estonia in St.-Petersburg to Karelia
  April, 6Karelia is one of 10 territories of the Russian Federation selected for participation in Russian-American project Mother and Child in 2007-2010
  April, 5At the meeting with delegation from Estonia, Prime minister of Government of Karelia Pavel Chernov expressed concern about destiny of the monument to liberator soldiers in Tallinn Фотоматериалы
Frontier territories are to be developed
  April, 4Archbishop of Petrozavodsk and Karelia consecrated bells of constructed orthodox church in Petrozavodsk
  April, 2Prime Minister of of the Government Karelia visted Engineering Centre of Fire Robots Technology Фотоматериалы
Team of Petrozavodsk State University emerged bronze winners at the 2007 ACM-ICPC World Finals championships in Tokyo
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