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The Petrozavodsk cathedrals

To the 300th anniversary since Petrozavodsk foundation

The authors: Т.Sorokina, D. Gendelev
E. Matveeva took part in the preparation for publication

The book was published by joint efforts of National archive RK and the publishing house of the republic.
Petrozavodsk, 1999

The cathedral of Resurrection

 The cathedral of Resurrection
The View of the cathedral of Resurrection
(made by N.Kuspuk)

In 1790th "the Petrozavodsk community - as it is said in the document, - wished to build a new stone church of three altars" instead of the old wooden warm church because of its decay. The site was chosen next to the old church of the Holy Spirit, which had been torn down before. The construction was mainly funded by citizen's donations and had been accomplished by 1800. The new church had 13 sazhen in length and 8 sazhen in width and of three altars. The main one bore the name of the Holy Spirit, on the right - the side-altar in the name of Jesus, and on the left - in the name of God's Mother. The altars were crowned with small cupolas with crosses on them. The bell tower was also built.

St. Peter and Paul's church and the church of the Holy Spirit were repaired at the in1826-1829. The roof made of planks was replaced by the iron one, the cupolas were edged by white sheet iron, the new floors were spread and a new stone porch was built.

The building for the vestry, hosing the church treasury and archive was constructed under the bell tower arch in 1849.

The description of the temple in the archive documents is as follows: "the building is made of stone, warm; the bell tower is also made of stone ". The more detailed description was found in the church chronicle: "the temple is crowned with the wooden 9 cupolas edged with white tin-plates, and each has an octangle cross. The roof is made of iron and painted in green. The cathedral is plastered outside and inside. There are 19 windows with railings. The temple was heated with five stoves. Three entrances led to the cathedral: western, northern and southern. The doors were double - inside doors were made of glass and outside ones were made of wood. The altar iconostasis was painted in white and decorated with gilt carving.

The church of the Holy Spirit existed until the summer of 1875, then it was renamed in the name of Jesus Resurrection. The cathedral of Resurrection was burnt down at the same time as St. Peter and Paul's cathedral on October 30 1924.

The fence around the two first Petrozavodsk churches -St.Peter and Paul's and of the Holy Spirit - was mentioned in a number of documents of XVIII century. But no description has been found yet. Most likely it was put out of commission by the beginning of XIX century. That's why while discussing the issue of repairing St.Peter and Paul's cathedral and that of the Holy Spirit the authorities decided to built the fence anew. The new stone fence was built near the northern gate with the icon of Nickolai the Miracle-worker. According to the documents next to the western entrance there was "a wonderful chapel with the tomb of the old man Faddey, preserved since Petrin times. The tomb was honored and visited by the pilgrims.".

By the decree of the Petrozavodsk town council the Summer gardens adjacent to the cathedral must have been enlarged, and the area where the church and the chapel sat had to become a garden. The grave stone of Faddey's tomb was removed and rendered to the Karelian museum of folk lore.

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