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09.06.2000 - Itar-Tass Informs:

The Republic of Karelia was the First to be Visited by the Representative of the President in the North-West Victor Cherkesov

PETROZAVODSK, June 7 /The Itar-Tass corr. Vladimir Zlobin/. The Republic of Karelia is the first of 11 locations to be visited by the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President RF in the North-West Victor Cherkesov. He told about his first steps at the press-conference.

"I consider the most important objective to understand the problems of every location of the district,-he said. - I hope to establish fruitful contacts with the local power bodies. I don't want to intervene into their competence".

At present, as told Victor Cherkesov, the representation structure is being formed in the district. "We don't want to increase the number of officials,- he says. - All in all in Russian regions the President's administration staff had made 600 officials before the President's decree. Now the staff is divided into 7 districts. We form two levels out of them: two third of the staff will be working in district centers, and one third - directly in the territories".

An Axe and Saw of the Twenties

PETROZAVODSK, June 7 /The Itar-Tass corr. Vladimir Zlobin/. A two-handed axe of a wood-cutter and a saw with special teeth profile 16 times increased labor production. These tools are exhibited in Karelian folk lore museum. The name of the exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary since foundation of the republic is "A Glimpse from the Twenties".

The materials about the history of the state system of the republic are placed in the center of the exhibition. Among them there is a decree of VZIK RSFSR from June 8, 1920 on the formation of the Karelian Labor Commune.

A large section of the exhibition is dedicated to the construction of the Belomorsko-Baltic channel. The paintings of the GULAG artists are exhibited here for the first time.

The gem of the exhibition is Lenin's bust of a small size. It was made in 1924 by a peasant of Karelian village Tivdiy Krisin. It bears rather a strong resemblance to the original.

The head of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov: Political Stability in Russia Opens New Perspectives in Karelian-Finnish Relations

PETROZAVODSK, June 8 /The Itar-Tass corr. Vladimir Zlobin/. The head of the Government of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov stated in the interview to the Itar-Tass correspondent that the participation in negotiations between the Presidents of Russia and Finland was very helpful.

"I think it is very important to have a chance to hear negotiations on such a high level,- he says. "It was my first experience. I took part in the meeting with Tarja Halonen in the Council of Federation. I was favorably impressed. It was especially nice to see that both Presidents are interested in neighborly relations development".

The most significant problem discussed at the negotiations was the problem of investment attraction from Finland. "Mrs. President named the terms necessary for investments in Russia,- Sergey Katanandov said. -They are: political stability, law-abiding and effective tax legislation. And I agree with her".

Vases and Paintings are the Gifts to Remember Karelia by

PETROZAVODSK, June 8 /The Itar-Tass corr. Vladimir Zlobin/. Vases and paintings were gifted by the guests of the Russian regions and a number of foreign countries at the festive meeting in Petrozavodsk in honor of 80th anniversary since the Republic of Karelia foundation. Among the guests were the Speaker of the State Duma Gennadiy Seleznev, the Head of FSS Nickolai Patrushev and other leaders of federal ministries and departments.

Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the northern-western federal district Victor Cherkesov took the floor. He read Vadimir Putin's greeting to the residents of the republic. Vladimir Putin has been twice to Karelia recently and he liked hard- working and friendly residents of the republic. In his greeting he marked that the Republic of Karelia takes an important place in the economy complex of Russia. High level of development is provided for the account of logging and processing wood, pulp and paper industry development, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, machinery making and stone processing.

The main event of the holiday became presentation to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War with the keys to new apartments. They will move to a new 60-apartment block of flats.

The dwellers of Petrozavodsk and the guests of the festive event were impressed by the exhibition of the local goods producers. 120 enterprises of the republic took part in the exhibition.

In spite of a heavy rain, the holiday turned out well. A lot of people went to the streets and squares of the city to celebrate the holiday. The city was decorated with garlands, music sounded non-stop and there were many entertainments in the streets of the city.

Gennadiy Seleznev: Single Social Tax Will Decrease Social Guarantees for the Citizens of Russia

PETROZAVODSK, June 9 /The Itar-Tass corr. Vladimir Zlobin/.At his meeting with the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia the Speaker of the State Duma Gennadiy Seleznev says that he fears that the adoption of the law on the single social tax will lead to the decrease of the social guarantees for the citizens of Russia.

"The government want us to believe that nothing will go wrong. They want us to expect there will be more money for social needs,- he said in his speech.- on the other hand there is always a possibility, that the means will go not for social needs but to the federal budget".

The Speaker of the State Duma participated yesterday in the celebration of the 80th anniversary since the Republic of Karelia foundation. Today he is going to visit the largest in the region machinery-making plant AO "Petrozavodskbummash". He also will visit the pulp and paper making mill in the town of Kondopoga.

In his schedule there is also a meeting with the creative intelligentsia of the Republic of Karelia. In the afternoon the Speaker will go back to Moscow.

Nickolai Patrushev: No Drastic Changes Made by FSS in the power reform

PETROZAVODSK, June 9 /The Itar-Tass corr. Vladimir Zlobin/. The power reform carried out by the President Vladimir Putin will touch upon Federal Security Service. As Nickolai Patrushev, the director of FSS told the Itar-Tass correspondent, "our activities are in accord with the changes in the entire Russia".

At the same time he said that there would be no drastic changes in FSS, it will go by "evolutionary way of development". Nickolai Patrushev said that counter-espionage would be a priority.

"Another important direction is antiterrorist fight,- the director marked. - Some of the western leaders underestimate the importance of the antiterrorist fight."

Nickolai Patrushev said that if the western politicians would not react on the threat of terrorism adequately, then "they might face serious problems".

The head of the department named one more perspective trends of FSS activities. It's the economic security of Russia. "But we fully aware that we shouldn't interfere with the economic changes that are being held in the country.- he says. We will protect both the rights of the state and of a human being including private capital, which is quite new for Russia".


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