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Nikolay Levin has won the Petrozavodsk mayoral elections

Head of the Republic casts his vote

Head of the Republic casts his vote

The United Russia candidate Nikolay Levin has swept to a landslide win in Petrozavodsk mayoral elections with 58.87% of voices. On July, 6 Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Karelia Alexander Istomin has informed on it at the briefing in the Government of the republic.

On the preliminary data, about 45 thousand townspeople has taken party in the election, than that makes 21.2% of total number of the registered voters. Nikolay Levin has received 26 566 voices (58.87%), A.Temnyshev has got 7315 (16.21%), Natalia Buzova 5 252 (11.64%), Evgeny Mikheyev 2 536 (5.62%). Other candidates Oleg Nosov, Vadim Smirnov and Denis Gorbushin have collected 1.31%, 0.8% and 0.62% of voices accordingly.

Nikolay Levin

Nikolay Levin

As Alexander Istomin has told, Nikolay Levin became the leader in all 125 polling districts of the city. Already on results of processing of first eight protocols obtained by the municipal election commission, distribution of voices between the candidates was not too distinct from the final results.

Among the first people who have casted their ballots in Petrozavodsk mayoral elections there were Head of Karelia Sergey Katanandov and the future winner Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the republic Nikolay Levin.

Having put his ballot in the ballot box, Sergey Katanandov said: Petrozavodsk is on the edge. I recollect the end of the 1990s years when the situation there was almost the same: authority in the city was vague. The system of authority in Petrozavodsk should be improved. First of all, the authority should establish a dialogue with the population, for in recentl period this dialogue was set by some other forces.

Speaking about the mayoral election system in Petrozavodsk, Sergey Katanandov has told: Direct elections of mayor by the population is kept in the city, as citizens of Petrozavodsk have decided for themseves. However, now the main thing is to make the city dwellers use this right and come to their polling districts.

This is especially actual against the background of constant decrease in voting activity in the city. In 1998 to the mayoral elections there came 117 thousand people, in 2002 106 thousand people, and in 2006 76 thousand people. At the elections in 2006 Victor Maslyakov has collected about 27 thousand voices.

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