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Vladimir Putin visits Petrozavodsk

Session of the State Border Commission chaired by the Prime Minister of the Government of Russia Vladimir Putin took place in Petrozavodsk on July 9. Head of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Katanandov has taken part in the session of the Commission.

On July 9, Prime Minister of the Government of Russia Vladimir Putin has visited Petrozavodsk with the short-term working visit. He has held a session of the State Border Commission and a working meeting with the Head of the Republic.

The State Border Commission was formed by the decree of the President of Russia in 2003. It comprises federal ministers, plenipotentiaries of the president in the federal districts with outlet to the national boundary of the Russian Federation, heads of departments, and governors. The Commission's task is coordination of work of bodies of the government with a view of formation and implementation of the boundary policy of Russia. The Commission is in charge of security in the boundary sphere, consideration of drafts of corresponding regulatory legal acts and federal target programs, solution of current tasks in the boundary sphere, etc.

At the session in Petrozavodsk the Commission has discussed the project of the Concept of Customs Registration and Control of Goods in Localities near the State Border, aspects of Russia's participation in implementation of coordinated boundary policy of the CIS countries, as well as aspects of development of check points through the state border in view of priority directions of economic development of Russia through to 2020.

At the session it was pointed out, that growth of foreign trade turnover of the Russian Federation strains the problem of excessive loading on infrastructure of large cities where, as a rule, customs bodies are located. The concept of customs registration and control of goods in localities near the state border assumes a complex of measures directed on redistribution of customs operations inside the country, and development of the customs infrastructure mainly in frontier territories. Important part in this work is assigned to the private-state partnership institute, creation of conditions that would allow private industry investing in creation of transport-logistical objects.

Coordinated boundary policy of the CIS countries is directed on construction of the complete system of the state border protection, prevention and suppression of encroachment upon sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries of the Commonwealth, defence and protection of national borders. The Concept approved by the state participating on the CIS at the summit of Commonwealth in Kazan on August 26, 2005 is assumed as a basis of this policy.

Development of Russia's foreign trade, increase in export-import and transit freight traffic demand analysis and forecasting. For this purpose in August, 2008 there has been formed a Working group charged to analyse and forecast development of the system of check points in view of priorities of development of the Russian Federation through to 2020.

It is no accident Karelia became the place chosen for carrying out of the session of the State Border Commission. The republic shares 700 kilometers of the border with the European Union and, in this respect, is one of the key regions of the country acting a great strategic part.

Speaking at the session, Prime Minister of the Government of Russia Vladimir Putin has, in particular, remarked:

I consider, that tasks of security in frontier regions deserve the most scrupulous attention. Rich resource potential of these territories is attractive to the neighbouring states. Social and economic instability in some regions creates favourable conditions for expansion of foreign influence there. Such actions is a direct threat to our national interests, therefore, they should be suppressed firmly and promptly.

Vladimir Putin also ordered to continue the strategic course on complex improvement of facilities of the state border, formation of its new appearance according to international standards. In his opinion, plans of improvement of facilities of the state border should be reconciled with plans of economic development of the country.

These and some other isues have been discussed at the session in Petrozavodsk.

After the session Vladimir Putin and Head of the republic Sergey Katanandov have had the one-on-one working meeting. During the meeting Vladimir Putin raised points not related to issues of the session of the Commission. Prime Minister was interested to know about the state of economy of Karelia under conditions of financial and economic crisis, the course of struggle against unemployment, payment of wages in the state-financed organisations and in real sector of economy. In response, Sergey Katanandov has told the following:

We have had a hard period in the end of the last year, and though with much ado, we have managed to keep economy. In January-February there was a meltdown when we have achieved only 71% of the level of the last year. Actually, it was the hardest situation: we had to undertake a number of efforts together with heads of enterprises, regional authorities, and the government. Now we work at the level of 85% and we consider it a stable result. Approximately the same picture was with growth of unemployment. In 3 months the number of unemployeds has increased by almost 6,000 people, having made about 15,000 total. The figure was huge. We have been one of the first regions to get support from the Center. The program has been coordinated, on which the republic was assigned 162 million roubles. We have also been told that we would get more money in case we need. We have already spent about 70 million to support people. It has relieved the tension, unemployment started to decrease: it was reduced by almost 3,000 due to conversion training and creation of new workplaces. We have started to work actively at the level of budgetary sphere. Of course, this issue is rather complicated, related to inflation and growth of prices, so now we are tracing this issue, too. Yet, 9.3% of inflation is a proper result

Head of the republic has also told Vladimir Putin about additional measures of social protection undertaken in the republic, and about introduction of the social discount card.

The same day Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has left for Moscow.

Maxim Tikhonov
Press-secretary of the Head of the Republic of Karelia
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