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Construction of ski-roller trail on Kurgan is over

Construction of ski-roller trail on Kurgan was completed on July 10.

This is the illuminated asphalted trail, two kilometers long. Now Karelian skiers have an opportunity to exercise there summer and winter alike — skiing in winter and skating with in-line skates in summer. The trail may be as well used by bicyclists and roller-skating fans. The trail is very convenient, wide, with many turns. In the end of August there will be held the first competition.

Construction of the first starting complex of Kurgan skiing lodge had been launched last November. Untat that time it was not possible to start the construction for lack of funds.

Construction of modern sports base on Kurgan was launched in 2002, financed on an equal footing with federal and republican budgets. Original project included many minor and expensive buildings and demanded significant investments. All this was an obstcle to building the most necessary sports constructions. After the project was revised, first of all, it has been decided to build the ski-roller trail and the biathlon base to create necessary conditions for the sportsmen's work.

It is planned, that this winter on Kurgan there appear a modern biathlon base. Now builders are working on the biathlon shooting area.

Yulia Kucherenko

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