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Republic of Karelia
The area of Karelia is 180,5 sq km.
The republic consists of
16 metropolitan regions
and 2 urban districts, with 808
inhabitted localities.
The city of Petrozavodsk
is the administrative center.

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Session of the Government of Karelia

Head of Karelia: "People's confidence has to be justified"

In his opening remarks at the session of the Government of the republic Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen has raised several topics of vital importance for our region.

As a tradition, reports of heads of bodies of the government and local governments on results of the past year take place in the beginning of the new year. As Head of the republic has mentioned, it is the time when it is necessary to tell about improvements and attained success, as well as to make no bones of problems that require solution.

– There are a lot of pending issues, and we should speak about them without reserve with people during the meetings that will be held within the accounting period...


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