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Republic of Karelia
The area of Karelia is 180,5 sq km.
The republic consists of
16 metropolitan regions
and 2 urban districts, with 808
inhabitted localities.
The city of Petrozavodsk
is the administrative center.

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Images of "Kalevala" in fine art

The drawings of Tamara Yufa, the leading Karelian artist, devoted to Kalevala are the world of love and suffering. Dreams and tears of girls, mothers' daydreams, heroic deeds of youths...
The regular features, refined hands, graceful movements, everything is fabulously beautiful, and even the mother dazed with grief over her son's body is beautiful. The mosses and herbs weave the fascinating laces over the cold stones. The colors are restrained. The lines are laconic.
Many artists who illustrate "Kalevala", picture its heroes as mighty demigods. And while extolling these heroes get closer to the spectacular opening their great simple souls before him.

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