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The Administrative-Territorial Division of the Republic of Karelia About Karelia


Administration of the Head
of the Republic of Karelia

Lenin street, 19, Petrozavodsk,
Republic of Karelia, 185028
Reception: +7(814-2)79-93-09
For Organizations: +7(814-2)79-93-69
For Citizens: +7(814-2)79-93-75
Fax: +7(814-2)79-93-91, 79-93-92
Teletype: 165394 FLAG RU
(814-2)79-93-53, (814-2)79-93-50

National Epos "Kalevala"
In 1999 we have celebrated the 150th anniversary of the complete edition of the epos "Kalevala". This poem was created by the Finnish poet and specialist in folklore Elias Lonnrot on the basis of hundreds of national poems, which have been written down by him and tens of other collectors in the territory of Karelia, Finland, Ingermalandia (territory of Leningrad Region). In 1849 the second, complete version of the epos had been published.

Since then the heroes of "Kalevala" - Väinämöinen, Lemminkäinen, Ilmarinen, Aino, Kullervo - travel on the world, win the hearts of readers.
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September, 2

Alexander Khudilainen discussed issues of cross-border cooperation, transport infrastructure development and orders for the defence complex with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin

August, 29

Presentation of the Sonck's Estate Art Residence will take place on August 30 in the settlement of Kurkijoki Фотоматериалы

Restoration of Moberg's House, a cultural heritage site in the settlement of Kalevala, is in progress Фотоматериалы

August, 27

Tourists routes with sled dogs are available all the year round in Karelia Фотоматериалы

August, 25

The Museum of Ethnography opens in the village of Panozero

The republic is getting ready for the International Conference of Finno-Ugric Peoples Фотоматериалы

August, 22

Teachers and museum employees from Karelia will take part in the international seminar within the scope of the Museum for Family project Фотоматериалы

The first tourist group has started its trip on the Mining Road tourist route

August, 19

Celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Church of the Transfiguration took place today on Kizhi Island Фотоматериалы

August, 18

Delegation of the second-largest in Finland bus passenger service company Savonlinja Oy visited Karelia Фотоматериалы

August, 12

Alexander Khudilainen presented prospects of Karelia's development at the seminar the Finnish town of Joensuu Фотоматериалы

August, 6

Karelia and Estonia will develop cooperation Фотоматериалы

July, 29

A new hotel complex opened in Karelia on the bank of Lake Ladoga Фотоматериалы

July, 25

A new tourist attraction of Tulmozero Mining Plant to open in Karelia

July, 24

Head of Karelia: "The business confidence should be maintained and enhanced" Фотоматериалы

Trilateral Agreement on cooperation between the Government of the republic and the leading companies in the sphere of hydropower engineering Nord Hydro JSC (Russia) and ANDRITZ HYDRO GmbH (Austria) is signed Фотоматериалы

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September 3, 2014

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