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The Administrative-Territorial Division of the Republic of Karelia About Karelia


Administration of the Head
of the Republic of Karelia

Lenin street, 19, Petrozavodsk,
Republic of Karelia, 185028
Reception: +7(814-2)79-93-09
For Organizations: +7(814-2)79-93-69
For Citizens: +7(814-2)79-93-75
Fax: +7(814-2)79-93-91, 79-93-92
Teletype: 165394 FLAG RU
(814-2)79-93-53, (814-2)79-93-50

Vainamainen plays the kantele Kantele is a stringed instrument of Karelian and Finnish peoples
Kantele has the centuries-old history. From time immemorial kantele played such a big role in the life of people, that its value leaves far beyond the frameworks of just a musical instrument. Kantele is not simply the musical instrument, it is the symbol uniting in such concepts, as culture, labour activity, and historical development of many generations of northern people.

The first instruments were totally hollowed and had five strings. The chest of the kantele was made of alder, the pegs were made of birch, the strings wereThe first instruments were totally hollowed and had five strings. The chest of the kantele was made of alder, the pegs were made of birch, the strings were from the horsehairthe horsehair...
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September, 17

Alexander Khudilainen and Markku Nieminen, Chairman of the Board of the Juminkeko Foundation, discuss issues of cultural tourism development in the republic Фотоматериалы

September, 16

Government of Karelia and Nord Hydro JSC enter into an agreement on implementation of activities within the scope of preparation for the 100th anniversary of the republic Фотоматериалы

September, 12

Karelia and Belarus strengthen cooperation Фотоматериалы

September, 11

Head of Karelia: "There are lots of mutually beneficial spheres where we could develop further cooperation with the Republic of Belarus" Фотоматериалы

September, 10

International Conference of Finno-Ugric Peoples is summarized Фотоматериалы

September, 9

Experts decide in favour of constructing a small scale hydro-power plant in the settlement of Reboly

September, 4

Development of international automobile border-crossing points through the state border in Karelia is among priority projects of the Russian-Finnish cooperation

September, 3

International Conference of Finno-Ugric Peoples is held in Karelia Фотоматериалы

Fish-farmer from Karelia has won three gold medals of Agrorus International Agro-Industrial Exhibition and Trade Fair

September, 2

Alexander Khudilainen discussed issues of cross-border cooperation, transport infrastructure development and orders for the defence complex with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin

August, 29

Presentation of the Sonck's Estate Art Residence will take place on August 30 in the settlement of Kurkijoki Фотоматериалы

Restoration of Moberg's House, a cultural heritage site in the settlement of Kalevala, is in progress Фотоматериалы

August, 27

Tourists routes with sled dogs are available all the year round in Karelia Фотоматериалы

August, 25

The Museum of Ethnography opens in the village of Panozero

The republic is getting ready for the International Conference of Finno-Ugric Peoples Фотоматериалы

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September 18, 2014

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